Cristiano Ronaldo finds woman who helped him as a starving child

Cristiano Ronaldo said in a recent interview that there had been three women from his childhood in Portugal – all of whom were employees at a McDonald’s store – who gave him free food when he had no money to buy it.

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be on his way to being reunited with a few kind strangers from his childhood who had given him free food as a child.

In a recent interview with ITV, Ronaldo had revealed that he had endured a difficult time in his early years – so much so that he often went around looking for free food. He had said that there had been at least three women – one of whom he identified as Edna – who were employees at a McDonald’s store in Portugal who took pity on him and gave him free burgers.

Ronaldo had said in the interview that one of his wishes would be to find these women again, all of whom he had never seen since becoming a football superstar.

Speaking about his time as an academy player at Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo had said, "When I was 11-12 years old, we didn’t have any money…We were a little hungry. We have a McDonald’s next to the stadium, we knocked on the door and asked if they had any burgers.

There was always Edna and two other girls. I never found them again.

"I asked people in Portugal, they closed the McDonald’s, but if this interview can help find them, I would be so happy."

Following the interview, which has been appreciated as a rare show of vulnerability from Ronaldo, it seems two of the three women have been located. Piers Morgan, who had conducted the interview, tweeted that Edna may have been found.

On Thursday, one of the two other women was located by a Portuguese radio channel, R dio Renascen a. Paula Leca, who has come forward as being one of the McDonald’s employees, confirmed the story and said that Edna used to be her superior at work, though she has not been in touch with her.

She said, "They (Christiano Ronaldo and his friends) appeared in front of the kiosk, as if they were not interested, and when there were too many hamburgers, our manager gave us permission to offer them. One of these people was Cristiano Ronaldo, who happened to be the shyest. This was how it happened almost every night of the week."