The Critics’ Choice awards are better and how! This time around, the Critics’ Choice Awards will also include web series in their award categories


The first-ever edition of the Critics’ Choice Short Film Awards was a major success as it brought to light the different kinds of talent hidden in the pockets of our country, from different linguistic medium(s).

Now, there’s talk of the second edition of the show being in the pipeline and just like in the previous edition of the awards, this time too, the showcase will have entries from the nooks and corners but with a major addition. This time around, the panel of critics will also be reviewing and awarding web series that have made strides in their field and have added to the entertainment sector of the country.

These web series are all Indian originals that feature across multiple platforms and in various languages the Indian origin content featuring across the platforms and in various languages.

Anupama Chopra, Chairperson, Film Critics’ Guild – “I am thrilled that this year we can extend the awards to series – some of the most exciting storytelling is happening in this space! And shorts are a personal favourite! I look forward to discovering and celebrating many exciting stories and voices!”

Rajeev Masand, Vice-Chairperson, Film Critics’ Guild- “We’re very proud that we’re expanding to include awards for Original Digital Series this year, in addition to awards for Short Films. It’s a reflection of our commitment to recognize excellence across genres and mediums. Given the growing popularity of OTT platforms and digital series, and the staggering vision and quality of ideas and shows, it was a no-brainer. The FCG is proud to be ahead of the curve.”

Motion Content Group – Sudip Sanyal, Business Head, Motion Content Group India

“Post our success in the 1st edition of the Critics’ Choice Short Films Awards in 2018, the content and audience universe has not just evolved but also expanded thanks to the multiple digital platforms active for content consumption. With original content being churned out faster than ever, it was only logical to include short format web series into the fray this year. We want our audience to know the best of Indian content, identified by experts, in short format across platforms to give its creators the natural appreciation they deserve. Along with the Film Critics Guild, the aim is to identify the best content across regions irrespective of language in the past 12 months.”

Abhayanand Singh, CEO, Vistas Media Capital- “Critics’ Choice Shorts and Series Awards is an attempt to recognize the best of shorts and series that have emerged as the frontrunner of viewer engagement on OTT platforms. This initiative of ours together with Film Critics’ Guild and Motion Content Group sets the benchmark of a highly credible and trustworthy platform to recognize the talent in the digital space.”

The awards will be a celebration of the best of Indian produced content and along with it, web series that will not be limited to just one language but will include entries from across the nation.

In December 2018, the Film Critics’ Guild and Motion Content Group collaborated to announce one of its kind Critics’ Choice Short Film Awards which features a panel comprising of India’s top film critics. The first edition of the awards was a major success amongst the masses and it is safe to say that this time around, we will see more quality content being presented by artists across the nation.

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