Croatia’s Museum wants to hear your best hangover stories!

Swapna Raghu Sanand
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Do you have a funny hangover story to share with the rest of the world? Your hangover story maybe showcased at the Museum of Hangovers in Croatia’s capital Zagreb!

The museum website opens with an invitation to all those who want to share their hangover story and get an opportunity to have it showcased to the whole world!

For those who love to explore the quirky and the unusual travel places, the interactive museum, as its name suggests, is a fun place to visit as it collates stories and objects that are connected to people’s drunken nights!

People can wear ‘beer goggles’, play a game of "Drunkopoly" in the gift shop and savour some ‘Hangover’ wine!

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Note that kids are not allowed at the Hangover museum. An entry fee applies to those who want to visit. For the general public, be ready to shell out €4.

So, how did it all begin? The two young founders of The Hangover Museum are 24 years old. The seed of the idea popped up when they were exchanging the funniest stories of ‘hangovers’ with their friends.

A friend shared with them how he had woken up with a bike pedal in his pocket after getting a hangover! It turns out that he had drunkenly smashed his bike into a pier, following which he broke a pedal and fell down on tram rails.

Six months later, the Museum of Hangovers came to life! Visitors can experience an in

To experience real life hangover stories from all over the world is nothing less than a thrilling journey! Best of all, you can share your quirkiest and funniest hangover stories and who knows, it may find a precious place in Croatia’s museum!