Croton's Eternal Love Studio builds on international recognition of C-Dramas

Srijita Sen
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23 Feb 2021: Croton's Eternal Love Studio builds on international recognition of C-Dramas

2020 proved to be an award-winning year for Croton's Love and Destiny.

Receiving broad acclaim from both overseas fans and juries, the drama series, directed by Lin Yu Fen with Chang Chen and Ni Ni playing the leading characters, garnered the 25th ATA's Best Cinematography award aside from nominations in Best Director and Best Original Screenplay categories.

Chinese drama series: Huace strives to promote Chinese culture overseas

Previously, as the only Chinese drama series in the nominee list of the 48th International Emmy Awards, Love and Destiny secured a nomination in the category of Telenovela.

A highly artistic piece that doesn't fall short of wide popular appeal, Love and Destiny showcases Huace's ten-year-long sustained efforts in creating high-end content and promoting Chinese culture overseas through C-dramas.

Eternal Love Studio: The studio's concept is to create emotional journey for viewers

The eternal-love story series from Eternal Love to Love and Destiny, bears testimonies to the brand concept of Eternal Love Studio, which is to create a pleasantly sensorial and emotional journey for viewers in a fantasy world of exquisite creations.

Under the leadership of producers Jiang, Luyan, and Su, Li, Eternal Love Studio enjoys being an original creator.

Work: Each piece carries forward Chinese traditional values and aesthetics

The studio regards each workpiece as a fresh start and has been steadfastly following a path of developing resplendent stories and celestial characters.

They not only carry forward Chinese traditional values and aesthetics but also mirror the real-life enterprising dynamics of young people in the modern world who believe in love and goodness, and have been aspiring and working untiringly for a beautiful life.

Details: It is time for Eternal Love Studio to harvest success

China's costume drama series in mythological settings are typical combinations of traditional Chinese cultural elements.

After years of diligence and perseverance in producing content, it is time for Eternal Love Studio, a premium brand under Croton, to harvest successes, one of which was the highly-recognized debut of Love and Destiny in the international market.

Details: Eternal Love was a sensational hit upon its release

Back in 2017, the studio's Eternal Love, a high-end drama was a sensational hit upon release in China, registering the highest viewership at home by far.

With the 2017 ATA awards of Best Drama Series and Best Cinematography under the belt, it proceeded to be acknowledged at the 2017 Cannes' MIPTV Festival Fresh TV Fiction Forum.

Details: 'Love and Destiny' followed in the footsteps of 'Eternal Love'

Statistically, by the end of June 2020, Eternal Love had remained unchallenged as one of the top three most-viewed drama series on YouTube that were made in China.

Following its successful steps, Love and Destiny ranked among Douban's (Rotten Tomatoes' equivalent in China) Top 10 Best Reviewed Chinese Dramas with an average score of 8.3/10 in 2019.

Upcoming venture : Successive releases of fantasy romance series underway: Studio producers

According to Jiang, Luyan, and Su, Li, heads of Eternal Love Studio, successive releases of fantasy romance series that are imbued with Eastern aesthetic elements are underway.

Eternal Love Studio will carry on with its commitment to making drama series that everyone loves watching around the world, delivering TV dramas not only for viewers at home but also for global media channels and audiences.