Cryotherapy: The New Craze That’s Got Farhan & Shibani Hooked

Couples that do things together, stay together.

Love birds Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar took to Instagram to put up their experience of cryotherapy treatment after a hard-core gym session.

Hindustan Times reported that the couple shared their sessions on their Insta stories, with Farhan writing, “Cryotherapy...The cold never bothered me anyway.”

What Exactly is This New Form of Therapy?

According to Medical News Today, cryotherapy is basically a pain treatment or a cold therapy where an individual goes to a chamber that’s been frozen. This is done especially after a tough workout, to treat the sore muscles of the body for three to five minutes.

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The session is taken to cure the sore nerves and provide relief to the body. The therapy holds a lot of benefits starting from muscle healing, helping in weight loss to treating migraines and headaches.

The temperature goes down to minus levels, and this is most commonly used for athletes to soothe their tired muscles and usually performed under medical attention. It is also done in spa settings.

Shibani’s Instagram story says she took a three minutes Cryotherapy at -130 degrees to cure herself.

After posting about the ordeal on her stories, Shibani put up a post detailing the event,

Seems like the couple are always up for some kind of adventure and they have never been secretive about their relationship.

Farhan Akhtar“I have never felt comfortable to share personal stuff... But I don’t know why, I just feel that somehow, with the celebrating of this, it seems very natural to me. Obviously, you don’t want to go crazy and people are like, ‘Please, bas karo!’ But yeah, it feels kind of nice to be able to share that with people.”

With their way of experimenting things together and being open about their relationship, they are always up for stealing people’s hearts.

(Written with inputs from Hindustan Times)

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