Culinary delight from the land of OZ

The ongoing Australian food festival at Aromas Cafe is a non-vegetarians delight. Why, you ask? Because even in the limited options they have, you are spoilt for choices (sadly, there isn’t much for the vegetarian’s to choose from).

Get transported to the land of OZ as you dig into culinary delights like Habanero and Mango Spiced Chicken, Aussie Shrimp tacos, 6-Hour Braised Lamb, Chicken Schnitzel on home-made Fettuccine, accompanied with Iced Latte, Iced Americano and Iced Caramel Latte.

We especially loved the Caramel one which had just the right amount of caramel balancing out the bitterness of the coffee. At the insistence of a fellow foodie, we opted for the vegetarian Asparagus, Blue Cheese and Blueberry Crostini and didn’t regret it one bit (despite not being aparagus fans, the cook had done a fab job of braising the small, diced veggie).

Their main menu is quite extensive too and we couldn’t help ourselves and tried a two dishes from there too. One was the Grilled Chicken and Jalepeno Risotto (anyone who loves cheesey risottos, you cannot miss this one) followed by the sweet and spicy Honey Chilli Chicken Skewers served with home-made peanut butter aioli.

Curated by Chef Mintu Das, Head Chef and Chef Ameya Mahajani, Consultant Chef for Aromas Cafe and with affable staff explaining every dish that was served (also making sure the food kept coming) this was the perfect Sunday lunch.

Despite being full, we couldn’t leave without getting a taste of Aussie dessert and dug into Pavlova and Lamington Pastry, before, finally, saying goodbye to our plate and the cafe. If you want a taste of Australia than visit Aromas Cafe at least once. We only wish the menu had more options for our vegetarian foodies and more options in the drinks section too.

When: On till December 20

Where: Aromas Cafe outlets at Juhu, Bandra, Powai and Thane (Viviana Mall and Hirandnandani Walk)