Customers first! How Eleonora Srugo’s Focus on Long-Term Client Relationships Set Her Apart in NYC’s Ultra-Competitive Real Estate Industry


Real Estate is a fast, dynamic, and exciting field, especially in Manhattan’s luxury sales market. With over 38,000 agents citywide, the bar for success is set very high. In a challenging market, agents are always seeking the best method to stand out and retain customers. “A typical New York home-owner will buy and sell property every 7 years on average, possibly even every 2-5 years when the market is strong” notes Eleonora Srugo, a top-ranked agent at Douglas Elliman.

Eleonora is known for her comprehensive style of commitment to buyers, sellers, and developers alike. She takes pride in an approach that is focused on building personal and meaningful relationships with her customers, organically developing trust. “I’m responsible for helping people protect their hard-earned money. I take great care in knowing that buying a home is often the largest financial decision a person will make in their life and can also be an emotional process that correlates to a major life event.”

Working with one of the nation’s largest firms, Douglas Elliman, Eleonora knows that being a trusted agent takes more than just closing deals. She focuses on the experience her customers have with her long after the paperwork is signed. She advises, negotiates, and manages all facets of the process and maintains that she doesn’t view her business as “transaction based.”

A testament to the success of her approach, Eleonora has overseen some of the most significant development projects in Manhattan over the last ten years including Gramercy Square and 100, Franklin Street. Through her personalized relationships, Eleonora has built an extensive client base and is invested in understanding the vision of her customers and protecting their equity. Having a strong foundation with her clients and understanding their unique needs, she can balance challenging situations. “Often, buyers come in pairs – couples, families, or parents buying for children. It is my job to manage opposing needs and opinions and find the perfect balance that will benefit my buyers and keep their best interests in consideration.” Eleonora notes. “I offer a personalized yet 360-degree approach to every deal, and I am committed to my clients for the long haul.”

Her approach is remarkable, and she has an impressive career behind her to prove it. With sales of over a billion dollars to date and $200 million already in 2019 alone, she is convinced that what sets her apart is her profound knowledge of New York City and her love for her clients. A native New Yorker, Eleonora combines her deep knowledge of the city to offer honest guidance to customers, first time buyers in particular. “Customers rightfully expect you as their agent to help them navigate through uncharted territory. Growing up in New York and understanding it in such an intimate way is not just a benefit for me but for my buyers as well,” she explains.

Regarded in high esteem in the industry for her commitment and invaluable expertise, Eleonora has ranked as one of Douglas Elliman’s top agents since joining in 2009. With the rise of social media usage, networking in the right way brings more exposure than ever before. Like most influencers, Eleonora embraces the power of social media, where she not only promotes listings but uses Instagram as a tool to connect with clients on a personal level.

Featured in the NY Times, NY Post, Wall Street Journal, and Million Dollar Listing New York, CBS and more, Eleonora maintains a strong commitment to service her city. Doing so furthers relationships with others in her industry and potential clientele, but she does it purely due to her love of her hometown. She currently serves as a VP with the Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association and has founded a highly acclaimed mentoring program for NYC Public High School Students. An accomplished woman and a fantastic role model, Eleonora Srugo is someone who truly stands out in the real estate market of New York, a city she is honored to call home.

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