Cyber Security At It’s Finest from Entrepreneur Haider Ali Khan

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This generation values cyber security a lot, especially when it is coming from a professional who guarantees complete safety and privacy.

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We know how much the time has affected us, this pandemic is taking a toll on everyone and on everyone's business also. Be it a school activity, or an office activity or simply a meeting that you want to attend, with seminars being held online. Hosting companies are facing a lot of difficulty in maintaining the privacy factor.

For example, everyone remembers the issue that they faced with zoom meetings, when the CEO himself admitted that they are going to take more steps in order to increase the privacy terms and conditions. While everyone was panicking, this man right here was coming up with his own reforms in his already established web hosting company Sudoly. Sudoly is already a safe as well as secure means of a web hosting company that has made a name for itself similarly like GoDaddy and Bluehost. Before we get into the services and establishments of Haider Ali Khan, we must look into his background to make sure that we are getting involved with something really professional.

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Haider Ali Khan is an independent cyber security analyst, who has also been working alongside several renowned companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and even Facebook. His work is appreciated and applauded by many, because of his accuracy and lack of errors that might occur due to complications. Growing up, he has always wanted to become an entrepreneur, using his talents to create a better world. Before creating a better world, and before carrying such dreams, he prepared himself for situations that he would have to face in the future. And hence came along his research knowledge.

Right now, Sudoly has been known to work along with more than 50,000 websites, hosting all of their meetings securely. since their clients are pretty professional almost every time, they take extra care to hold the services efficiently, be it a government agency, a business organisation or an educational Institute. Normal cyberattacks come on now you can host any meeting or seminar without the fear of being unintentionally or intentionally having your privacy attacked.

Besides successfully running Sudoly since 2014, he also manages an Apple tech news blog called ilounge. Basically, this was launched in 2001 but the previous owner could not manage the expenses and suffered a huge loss, since then Haider Ali Khan has taken up all the responsibilities and brought the website into business once again.

Haider Ali Khan will probably invest in more websites, since he is an entrepreneur 1st and the owner of companies 2nd. Be it hosting or be it relying on technological news, you can completely count on Haider Ali Khan.

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