Dad-to-be fills in for pregnant wife on bed rest in hilarious maternity shoot

Jared Brewer of Kentucky wanted to cheer up his pregnant, bedridden wife, so he replaced her in a maternity shoot. (Photo: K.M. Smither Photography)

Jared Brewer wanted to make his bedridden, pregnant wife happy, so he starred in her maternity shoot.

In the weeks leading up to the birth of her first baby, Kelsey Brewer, 24, of Frankfort, Kentucky, was diagnosed with preeclampsia, which causes very high blood pressure. She was admitted twice to the hospital, missing her Sept. 25 maternity shoot scheduled with her sister, Kiana Smither of K.M. Smither Photography.

“Kelsey was really bummed about not doing the shoot,” Kelsey’s husband Jared, 26, a geologist’s assistant, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “She bought a white maternity dress, and we were going to take photos by a waterfall.”

So Jared ran an idea past his sister-in-law. “I said, ‘What if I did the photo shoot with my belly hanging out?’” says Jared. “I was half sarcastic, but Kiana had a lightbulb moment.”

Jared, Kiana, and Kelsey’s other sister went to Elkhorn Creek, where Kelsey had planned to pose. Wearing a white button-down shirt, jeans, and a baseball cap, Jared hammed it up for the camera, kneeling in the cool water, soaking his shirt, and cradling his “food baby.”

“The poses were mine and Kiana helped me with my facial expressions,” Jared tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We laughed the whole time.”

Jared could barely control his excitement when Kiana texted the photos to her sister. “Kelsey burst out laughing,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

On Saturday, Jared and Kelsey welcomed their son, Kash, who was born six weeks early and spent time in the hospital NICU. Now at home, they’re planning a fall photo shoot. “I might suck in [my stomach] for the next set of pictures,” says Jared.

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