Daily Horoscope for Friday, November 01, 2019 for all Zodiac signs by astrologer Nilikash P Pradhan

Possibilities of personal and emotional discussion with your loved ones are on the cards. You would find peace with your spouse and will understand him/her better in the due course of time.

You may be in a laid back mood and will find it difficult to focus on tasks that require rigorous analysis or calculations. Take care of health as some domestic problems may give rise to temper and clashes.

Quick decision in business or profession may go wrong today. Your work will go slow, so don’t get frustrated. Spat with your spouse is likely to happen, try to keep calm to avoid arguments.

Act responsibly and wisely. You now want to remain unperturbed by the complexities of emotions and enjoy all the worldly pleasures with your significant one.

A surprise gain of wealth can also be expected, it can be through gambling or lottery also. Long term contracts will be beneficial than short term contracts.

Family matters will get resolved. Singles will get proposals for marriage. Students will perform well in their exams. You may have fruitful journeys and pleasure-trips.

Today if you wish to get things done, you need to be diplomatic. There may be gains from share market. You may be tempted but take care. Don’t neglect your regular diet.

You must relax and work from a calmer, internally quiet place. Your desires may get fulfilled. There will be family meetings or get-together. Romance is in the air.

You have a new belief in yourself and are very happy for it. You will meet and interact with new associates and will love and be loved, care and be cared for.

You are a pillar of strength and no amount of external turbulence will upset you greatly. A difficult situation will get transformed completely with your effort and energy.

Improvements in luck and overall growth could come. Chances of travel are possible too. You will join a religious group or start following a religious person.

The flip side is that you may also attract negative attention and jealousies on the side, but you will deal with this. Ignore unwanted attention and stay focused on your performance.