Daily Horoscope for Monday, December 30, 2019 for all Zodiac signs by astrologer Nilikash P Pradhan

Arians like to earn a lot. Today you will have to work too hard. Keep your emotions under control. Take care of health; avoid junk food.

Taurians’ health problems are mostly of reproductive organs so they have to follow a regular fitness regime. Confidence of handling problems will help you in business.

Your business shall go from strength to strength. Both solo and partnerships are likely to do well. Your ambitions shall drive you to work very hard. Life shall be very hectic and demanding.

Today you will be able to lead a pleasant life. Political help will bring success to your projects. Trading in stock market will bring profits.

You will receive guidance from your seniors. In office, your smartness and charm will impress others. Try to reduce negative vibes at your home...this will reduce quarrels.

Introduction to a new field and people will bring excitement in your life. Shopping and spending for your family members is likely. Job seekers will get new opportunities.

You are proficient in your work, but still you have to be careful today and check everything again. Work pressure may lead to tension and stress. Small fight with partner is likely.

A balanced diet and exercise are necessary as well as rest and relaxation. Your cherished desires will be fulfilled and will bring prosperity and fame.

You will think about selling or buying a house or developing a project. Contact a bank; it might give you an unexpected solution.

Good time to buy a new home. A broad mind and deep religious feelings will help you to overcome hurdles. Students will do well in studies.

Demand for your products will be going to pick so you need to check the supply of raw materials as chances are there you may fell short. Concentration in studies is needed today.