Your Daily Horoscope for Sunday, July 28, 2019

As Moon makes its presence felt in Taurus, professionals can look forward to a good day ahead, predict Astroyogi astrologers. At work, you will be the recipient of a lot of respect and recognition for the job executed with perfection. This is a great opportunity for you to put your ideas into action and it will further enhance your career growth. Your long term goals will be shaping up well, so you will be very content with the way things are shaping up in your life. Plan anything auspicious between 10:00 am and 12:15 pm for optimal results. Incorporate the color Sapphire Blue in your outfit to attract the positive cosmic energies.

Astroyogi astrologers predict today Moon in Taurus may make you patient and calm. Today is a time for new beginnings especially on the professional front. Your work profile may have changed or maybe some of you have undertaken a new job. Whatever it may be, since this is just a start you are likely to see some hurdles on the way but do not fret over it and rather take these little challenges as blessings in disguise paving your way to success on the career front. Wear something in Green for peace and calm. 6 pm to 8 pm will prove to be your lucky time today.

As Moon remains in Taurus you may be a little distracted losing focus on important things which may be of high importance. It can be work related deadline or anything important. You may just want to get out and have fun, but remember this is the time to remain focused, since what you do today will influence your tomorrow. You need to fight these feelings of restlessness because the time you put in now will be worth it, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. Plan important tasks between 10:00 am and 10:45 am to reap maximum benefits. Your lucky color of the day is jade green.

As Moon is stationed in Taurus it is likely that your intellectual output will be high and you may be able to use it to plan for the future. You may be overwhelmed by the feeling to make a name for yourself in the world. Cancer, focus on your goals and everything will happen as planned. Have confidence in yourself and take circumstances as they come, one by one, and you will conquer all hurdles in your path. 2.15 pm to 1.50 pm favors intellectual endeavors. Astroyogi astrologers suggest you to utilize this time to take any important decision. Avoid wearing anything in yellow.

These are general horoscope predictions based on the sun signs. For a more personalised prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at Click here to proceed.

Astroyogi astrologers predict the transit of Moon in Taurus will shower positive effects on you be it your personal and professional life. Everything will be in sync with your harmonious thought process. Mental peace will be attained as you indulge yourself in some social causes in your free time. This is a great day to do so and what matters is you will feel happy and peaceful at the end of the day. Golden is your lucky for today and any important meetings and events should be scheduled between 9:00 am and 10:00 am for successful results.

As Moon is placed in Taurus your emotions will be stable and you may have a very expansive sense of well-being. You may be feeling confident to take on the world so use these positive times according to your advantage. This energy may be subtle but you need to tune in to it early in the day. Just set a plan for what you want to get accomplished and you will find that you can be quite productive. Astroyogi astrologers recommend that you schedule anything important between 11 am and 1 pm for optimal results. Your lucky color for the day is red.

As Moon is stationed in Taurus some of you may be feeling motivated and your actions will speak volume now. You will not hesitate to show your affection to your loved ones in a more practical manner. This is a good day for you to put your emotional focus directly on your relationships now. It is okay not be on your toes all the time, Libra. Instead use this day to bond and strengthen your relationships, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. Plan anything important between the time 5:30 pm and 7 pm for desired results. The color cream will be lucky for you.

As Moon moves into Taurus, some of you may find yourself feeling frustrated and disappointed, dear Scorpio. This may be because people around you are not living up to their promises. Keep your expectations low and take this in stride for now. Try to maintain a cool and calm composure and let it be as this is just a transient phase. According to Astroyogi astrologers, the time between 9:00 am and 10:40 am may prove to be lucky for you. Wear something in orange today to attract good luck.

Dear Sagittarius, as Moon moves in Taurus it is likely that some of you may remain tense and agitated. Whatever the cause of this stress may be, try to just observe your emotions and not react to them very much. Problems are never ending and they will always be a part of your life; take them as lessons meant for self-improvement, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. It is recommended that you wear something in light green to attract good luck and prosperity. Anything important needs to be taken care between 10:30 am and 12 pm if you want desired results.

These are general horoscope predictions based on the sun signs. For a more personalised prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at Click here to proceed.

As the Moon is in Taurus today you may find your mood disrupted by small arguments. This could be between you and your family or someone at work. It seems that everyone is a bit on edge today, so be careful with your words in order to avoid confrontation. Don`t be afraid to talk about your feelings and your relationships are sure to get back to normal again soon. The support of your partner will be apparent today and towards the end of the day everything will be settled for good, don’t worry. According to Astroyogi astrologers, wearing something in Pale Yellow will help you attract luck. Anything important should be scheduled between 4 pm to 7 pm for best results.

As Moon is in Taurus, it is likely that some of you may be in a pensive mood, dear Aquarius. This may be due to the unreasonable attitude of someone close. Losing your cool is not the approach to adopt as it can aggravate matters further. Today you may find your diplomatic skills being tested to the hilt. However, you are more than equipped to deal with the situation if you play to your strengths. Be firm without being aggressive and you will be able to convey your message across clearly, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. Wearing pastel shades will bring you luck. Undertake significant tasks between 1 pm and 2 pm for optimal results.

As Moon makes its presence felt in Taurus it is likely that your life may take a turn for better. During this transit you may find yourself more spiritually inclined and this will help you find solutions to any kind of problem that you have been facing. Today just explore your options, talk to a loved one and be open about your problems as it may turn out to be beneficial for you, dear Pisces. Astroyogi astrologers suggest that the time between 4:30 pm and 6 pm is considered to be lucky for you to do anything important. Lime green is your lucky color for the day.