Your Daily Horoscope for Thursday, January 28, 2021
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You have a positive attitude towards your work and keep pushing forward in any and every circumstance, till you reach your goal. You love your work and manage to handle tough decisions sensibly. Today, the Moon in Cancer will promote a feeling of contentment in you, about a job well done. Maybe, this would not have been possible without the support of your elders. They motivated and inspired you to handle the project sensibly. You had been struggling with it for quite some time now, but being a committed and confident Aries, you kept working at the various possibilities to reach the goal successfully. Orange will prove to be your lucky color. Schedule or conduct anything important between the time frame of 11:00 am and 12:15 pm as this period is auspicious for you.

Lately, you may be having a laid-back attitude and may not be ambitious enough in your work or studies. The Moon in Cancer, will pull you out of that state of limbo and remind you that success will remain a dream if you don`t work for it. You will be determined today to prove your calibre at work by getting down to the unfinished task. Student Taurus will sit up and take notice of the remaining studies .You are capable of achieving more than you think is possible, so it would be a shame to dawdle and let success go past you. Wearing light green will attract positive vibes and good luck. any important assignment or activity should be conducted between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for you to ‘worry’ in silence and many times that stress converts into anger and you can just explode at any small trigger. Today, the Moon in Cancer may make you feel targeted on the home front and that will make you yell and argue aggressively. You may get into confrontation with a father figure and unnecessarily be drawn into a futile argument. Don’t take the bait, Gemini. Just walk away from the situation, take a deep breath, reflect upon the state of affairs and think of a logical solution, after your nerves are calmed. No one gains anything by going off their handle. Wear white for peace and good luck. 2 pm to 4 pm will be a good time to get all pending work done and out of your to do list.

The Moon in Cancer today, will stir your creative juices and give you some out of the box ideas. Being a Water Sign, you are blessed with emotion and a huge imagination, which you use many times to fuel the creativity in you. Some of you will use it to better your music, some for art, some for dancing while others for writing. This gives you immense peace at heart and works as a beautiful companion for the lonesome. You have the capacity to liven up any dull atmosphere with your wonderful ideas and make mundane desk work, look interesting. Emerald green is your lucky color for today. It is recommended that you plan anything important between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm for optimal results.

These are general horoscope predictions based on the sun signs. For a more personalised prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at Click here to proceed.

While you believe in giving loyalty, you also expect the same from others. You can feel terribly cheated if you are duped by someone you trusted.The Moon in Cancer will dampen your normally positive outlook on life as you may feel insecure about some partnership. Maybe someone is taking away the accolades that were due to you. A Leo does not care so much for the money as they would for the name that can be made from it. Some of you may have been living well beyond your means as you believe in living life to the fullest. But today, it may dawn on you that your personal finances, in the process, have taken a beating. Wear sapphire blue to channel good luck and the time between 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm is envisioned to yield you positive results.

It is not like you to promise something and not follow it up.You function on a solid foundation of determination and self-discipline. But once in a while it is ok to let your hair down a bit. The Moon in Cancer will make you more considerate and compassionate towards your fellow workers today and you will appreciate their work without being picky about every small point. Some of you will be more tolerant to the faults of your family and loved ones, much to their delight. You can be so much fun when you are not being a fuss-pot about details. You will delight your family and co-workers today. Maroon is your lucky color for today and embark on all your important activities between 10:30 am and 11:45 am for success.

High moral values make your foundation of character and your decisions and actions are all based on positivity, honesty and fairness. Since you are such a practical person; materialistic living is not your forte. But today, the Moon in Cancer will make you want to dip into your coffer and splurge a bit. Ruled by the planet, Venus, it is natural for you to be in love with beautiful things, but the Libra in you, perpetually keeps a restraining hand on your budget, reminding you to keep enough stashed away for a rainy day. While this is an excellent habit, Libra, it is also perfectly fine to pamper yourself once in a while.

Today could just be the day you decide to take that much needed vacation. While you are not one who likes travelling impromptu, you may sit down to plan a structured travel plan. The Moon in Cancer would tempt you to rope in the family so that you get to spend some quality time with them too. Just remember Scorpio, that if you go with the family, your plan has to accommodate their needs also. While you are happy in any climatic condition, the others may find your plan too intense and challenging. Also, remember not to stretch your pocket too much as you tend to go overboard with your budget. Wear something in Light Blue to attract positive cosmic energy. The time between 3:15 pm and 4:00 pm will prove to be lucky for you.

Since you believe in being free and giving everyone their freedom; you are basically the trusting type of person. You have no fear of doubting your loved ones, keeping track of them and being jealous all the time. But God forbid those who cheat on you! Today, the Moon in Cancer, may sow the seed of suspicion in your mind and you may feel that you are being cheated by your co-worker or maybe by your partner. You may feel very restless about the whole thing. The best way out is to sit down and talk this out with them before you blow it out of proportion in your own mind. Maybe you have just been fed some gibberish by your opponents. Different shades of sapphire blue is expected to bring you good luck and charm today. The time between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm is the most favorable for you.

These are general horoscope predictions based on the sun signs. For a more personalised prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at Click here to proceed.

Hard-working and disciplined, you do not have time for melodrama in your life. You are practical and dependable and being an Earth Sign, do not lose your temper at the drop of a hat. But today, the Moon in Cancer, will make some of you feel offended by the words of a close acquaintance. Some Capricorns may be hurt and get a feeling that they have been let down by a trusted person who did not meet their rigid moral code of conduct. But not wanting to be in the spotlight for long, you may make a scene while expressing your emotion, but that won’t last for long. Grey is your lucky color for today and anytime between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm is regarded auspicious for you.

Not one to distort a statement and brag loudly about their doings, you are shy and soft-spoken.Today, the Moon in Cancer, may pull you into an interesting debate which may end up becoming argumentative. You are one person who is averse to such displays of thoughts and will look for a quiet exit from there. Being part of such situations, tire you.You may just want to permanently delete such people from your friends list. Don’t take the comments of such loud and open-minded people to heart, Aquarius, because many times such people are actually sincere and loyal. Wearing jade green will prove lucky for you today. Any matter related to finances must be undertaken between 11:00 am and 12:30 pm to achieve optimal results.

Your friends love to turn to you because you can be so impartial while sorting out their problems. You do this well because of your highly intuitive nature. You can tell who is right and who is wrong. People love your selfless nature as you do not expect anything in return of the favour. But today, the Moon in Cancer will have dulled your intuition as you could be stressed and you may not want to be involved in other peoples problems. It is fine Pisces and you don`t have to feel guilty about it. It is better to relax and clear your mind for your own mental peace. Anything important should be planned between 9:45 am and 11:00 am. Brown is your lucky color for today.