Daily Horoscope for Thursday, November 21, 2019 for all Zodiac signs by astrologer Nilikash P Pradhan

You will yield a lot of power in your area of profession. The defeat of enemies, increased property, a gain of knowledge, favour from superiors and success can be expected.

Efforts made in right directions will help you achieve quick success. Take advice from an experienced person. Minor health problems may trouble you today.

Students focus will now shift to studies. You may achieve your targets easily. Interaction with people at social gathering will improve your social circle.

Minor disputes may turn into major ones, so it will be better to avoid clashes, especially on the romantic front. Travelling will make you hectic. Avoid driving at night.

Those in the business of wholesale, iron, and chemicals will be successful today. Children will do well. Domestic life will be smooth. Today is a favourable day to discuss property matters.

You may invest or contribute for religious purposes. Be cautious about your rude behaviour towards others or else it will negatively impact your image, for sure.

You may hit all your targets and goals, all due to your hard work and efforts. You will earn pretty well, but your expenditures shall be equivalent to it.

Help and cooperation of others will be more available to you, especially if you make your requests in person. The spiritual dimension of your life will improve.

Work-life would be smooth and progressive. You would be in control of situations at work and your hard work would prove rewarding. Health will improve.

You will soon learn how to keep a balance between friends and family. Your career life will enter into progressive phase. Sportspersons will do well today. Avoid eating junk.