Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, January 02, 2020 for all Zodiac signs by astrologer Nilikash P Pradhan

You like to keep transparency in every relationship. Too much shopping will empty your pockets. Enemies may try to slander to reduce your fame. Control your temper.

Victory over enemies is indicated. Trader and retailers will get good commissions on their products. Creative nature will help writers to write good scripts or articles.

You will promote your schemes to clients and try to gain as many customers. The strategies will work today. Those in the agriculture sector will do well today. Romance is in the air.

Avoid venturing into projects business you don’t know much about. Sometimes dirty politics at your workplace is intolerable but then also today have to keep cool.

You like to enjoy life wherever you go. Try for an attitude of compromise at the workplace. Gains and losses will be the part of the game in shares today. Your expenses will rise.

Speculation will give moderate gains. There will be an increase in income and prestige. Agriculturists could suffer losses. Health will be troublesome. Take care.

Take in mind today when poverty comes in at the door love flies out of the window. You are truthful diplomatic and cautious,  so your ambitions will bear fruit.

There is precious bonding and possibly deep love too and romance also. There will be soaring expenses but you are also making money and so it won’t be a problem.

A legacy is on the cards don’t tackle any risk. Those in literacy and academic fields will shine. An additional responsibility in the workplace is likely.

Employers will face some problems needs must be taken care of to enjoy a blissful domestic life A love affair is on the cards.

Speculation will give moderate gains. Your income and prestige will rise. Agriculturists could suffer losses. Health will be troublesome so be careful.

Today gains are predicted from partnership and colleagues. Some of you will buy a new house. Marriage is on the cards. Your love life will bloom.