Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, March 30, 2021
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Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, March 30, 2021

As Moon makes its presence felt in Libra it is important that you keep a strong head about you today. It is likely that you may be swayed by your emotions, dear Aries. You have your own opinions, so why not listen to them? Be careful about being lead awry by someone who seemed like a friend; they may not have your best effort at heart. This will be a day when your own intuition and your own inner voice will be your best friends. 6 pm to 8 pm is predicted to be lucky for you, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. Wear something yellow for good luck.

The Moon’s presence in Libra may make you curious about matters concerning religion and spirituality, dear Taurus. You may be on a spiritual quest today and would want to engage in soul searching to figure out where things are headed, predict Astroyogi astrologers. You would want to spend some time mediating and that would make you feel at peace. You may be involved in an honest and frank discussion with someone close who may hear you out patiently and offer some advice. The time between 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm is lucky for you. Avoid wearing brown on this day.

Dear Gemini, you may feel that your relationship with your loved one is going through a rough patch at the moment due to the movement of Moon in Libra. This may make you feel upset but keep in mind that this is just a transient phase and it will pass soon. Don’t worry; try and keep a cool head and that would solve some of your problems, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. You may be able to handle a difficult situation by being mature and not blurting out whatever that comes to your mind. The hour between 5 pm to 6 pm is your luckiest hour of the day. Wear yellow for good luck.

Today you may feel like breaking out of your shell and taking some risks! As Moon moves into Libra, this will be a good day in terms of your career and growth. Your hard work will be appreciated and this may end up with you being promoted. You may want to make significant leaps forward in many areas of your life, including in your relationship and in your career. You are sure to see some gains by stepping out of your comfort zone. Astroyogi astrologers suggest you wear something yellow to transit good luck and positive energy. Anything important should be planned between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm.

These are general horoscope predictions based on the sun signs. For a more personalised prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at Click here to proceed.

Today as per Astroyogi astrologers, you may feel like you are entering a period of slowdown and anxiety and might also be slightly frustrated at your lack of progress on various fronts. Do not worry about this sluggish period too much as the movement of Moon in Libra will bring a sense of balance. This is the time to reflect on how far you have come and create a strategy on how to continue making progress towards your life goals in the future. You are still on the right track and wearing purple will add to your luck. Anytime between 9:30 am and 11:00 am is best for any important task.

Virgo, it is likely that the morning may not begin as you would expect it to with Moon placed in Libra. Probably some unresolved issues maybe at home or at work could possibly be the reason for this. You need to tone down your fussy nature and make necessary adjustments coupled with patience. Your perseverance will have a positive effect on things and people around you. You will notice that things start swinging your way and the day, which began on a not so positive note will end making you feel better. Astroyogi astrologers say that your lucky color for the day is red. Planetary movements favor you the most between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

With the presence of Moon in Libra, you may find yourself in the limelight. It is likely that you may be the recipient of much attention and adulation from others. You can revel in the attention you receive today as you earned it through your talents and your charm! However, don`t go overboard and start to gloat for it will surely turn your new-found fans against you say Astroyogi astrologers. Pink is your recommended color for the day and anytime between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm will prove beneficial.

The presence of Moon in Libra may make you feel like breaking out of your shell and take some risks on the professional front. You may want to make significant leaps forward to spice up your mundane routine. You will be more efficient and productive predict Astroyogi astrologers, keep the enthusiasm alive to make you happy at work. Important pending or upcoming matters during the day should be best tried to be dealt between 11:45 am and 2:25 pm for fruitful results. Wear Cream color to attract positive energy and be lucky.

Today will be a day for you to focus on prioritizing the things that matter to you most, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. You will need to find a balance between your family, your relationship and your work as the Moon moves into Libra. At times you may have found that one or more aspect has suffered because of too much focus on the other. The thinking and planning you do on these issues today between 10:00 am and 11:30 am will bring you quite a bit of relief, as well as mental clarity. Wear the colour blue to get more lucky.

These are general horoscope predictions based on the sun signs. For a more personalised prediction based on your birth chart, speak to India's renowned astrologers only at Click here to proceed.

Today as Moon moves into Libra, you may see a steady rise in your income maybe through some sudden windfall or bonus at work. But on the other hand, you may face some problems in your personal life especially with your family members. You may experience some kind of discord or difference of opinion which may hamper the peace and harmony at home. Do not let this negative energy get to you, recommend Astroyogi astrologers. Do not overreact to this situation and try to handle it in a calm manner. You will be able to use your good communication skills to remedy this family situation. Black is your lucky color for today. The time between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm is considered to be productive for you.

Dear Aquarius, with Moon placed in Libra, some of you may be feeling hopeful wanting to adopt a more optimistic approach in life. Today you may want to focus on improving your flexibility and adaptability to adverse circumstances in your life. You need to learn to deal with the fact that problems will always remain a part of your life whether you like it or not. However, keeping a positive outlook will actually improve your ability to manage situations and make the most of life. Astroyogi astrologers recommend that anything auspicious should be conducted between 6:30 pm and 8 pm as this time will be lucky for you. Pink will be your lucky color for the day.

Today you may find yourself breathing new life into your old routine as Moon is in Libra, predict Astroyogi astrologers. Take a break from your hectic schedule for the past few days and get out with friends and family. Indulge in activities that will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated and embrace the changes that would enter your life today. Time between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm will be auspicious for businessmen to resolve or deal with any financial issues. Orange is your lucky color for today.