‘Dalal’s Street’: Of finance, dark humour, relationships!

New Delhi, Dec 26 (PTI) The toll that people have to pay in high pressure jobs in broker companies, the violence and the threats to life that this business of money transactions and virtual gambling entails and the mental games that are played out at every level form the basis of a new novel 'Dalal’s Street'.

Four young friends graduate from a mediocre business school and are attracted to jobs in a high paying trading company. They are smart, hardworking and ambitious, especially Varun Aggarwal, who is desperate to break out of his middle class life.

Anil is happy-go-lucky, Pooja has strong values and beliefs and Devika sails through life on her attractive personality. But will they succeed in the high pressure jobs in the fast paced, hyper competitive world of stock broking, where money talks, greed is a virtue and success is worshipped? And at what cost? 'Dalal’s Street' is a financial thriller with dark humour that explores the complex interplay of human relationships in a world where there are no winners, only survivors, according to publishers Niyogi Books.

Author Anurag Tripathi, having pursued a career as a financial advisor, seeks to create the dark and rabid atmosphere of a perfect suspense thriller of the noir genre.

The coarseness and rough edges of the under-the-table deals in the market, which leave no space for polite, polished words or for the softer and subtler emotions of love and romance, are the order of the day.

And predictably enough, sex and sleaze are the key steps to success for many in the book. To keep the evil tartness of design and sharpness of tongue alive, the author makes good use of authentic terms and language used in the share market, among the broker companies and the agents or the young relationship officers of these broking companies.

The book seeks to go deep into the murky waters of plots and subplots, of evil, immoral designs and ruthless plans to strike gold and cleverly vanquish all other gold diggers from the scene of action. PTI ZMN RB RB