DAMNING DETAILS: Amrita Singh FURIOUS For Entrusting Daughter Sara's Debut To Mudslinger Gattu

Sara Ali Khan had many offers to kick-start her career but she chose Kedarnath. It had a lovely story and a trustworthy producer Prernaa Arora (KriArj Entertainment) in association with Ekta Kapoor (Balaji) and Bhushan Kumar (T-Series). Little did she know that the director-in-charge Abhishek Kapoor (Gattu) will blow it up in smoke.

It is shocking that Gattu did not realise at any point while he was shooting that he is carrying a huge responsibility of launching Amrita and Saif's daughter, Sara, who is believed to be a lava of talent.

Naturally, Amrita is extremely upset. No mother would want hiccups/brakes/controversies on the road of his child's first piece of work.

Amrita Singh And Sara Ali Khan

Over and above, Gattu's impudent behaviour with KriArj is being seen and largely talked about by the industry as immature and foolish.

It is strongly felt across Bollywood that instead of going to the media, Gattu should have resolved the issue with KriArj by sitting across the table and thrashing out their differences. He should have involved the other parties on board of Kedarnath-Balaji and T-Series- as well, to understand their perspective. Mudslinging is not the answer to any problem, least of all when money and career is at stake.

Gattu, who has burnt his bridges with many people in the industry, may not find it easy hereafter for him to find a producer for any of his forthcoming ventures- unless he quickly realises his folly and turns over a new leaf. Gattu's anger is his worst enemy, and when he's angry. more often than not he's angry without a reason. His anger turns into demands which are irrational. And then, hell breaks loose...

The list of Gattu's skirmishes is actually long.

But before that, let's bring you the flashpoint when the Gattu-KriArj marriage broke up. Actually, the two were not on talking terms ever since Gattu went public to say that he will clash with Shah Rukh Khan's film Zero (Dec 21, 2018). And then, suddenly, Gattu asked 12 cr for music rights, 30 cr for satellite and digital. KriArj was not able to achieve that, simply because the project was not viable for that kind of amount.

And now, Gattu is left with just Rs 11 crore and has to shoot the remaining portions of Kedarnath in April, May, June. But why should the producers shell out more when Gattu has extended a 5-month film to a 16-month film, which in turn raised the film's budget to a staggering figure?

Now, over to Gattu's track record.

Gattu has a history of fallouts through the span of his professional career. The filmmaker was earlier involved in spats with Excel Entertainment's head honcho Farhan Akhtar (during Rock On!!), veteran superstar Rekha (Fitoor) and filmmaker Apoorva Lakhia among others.

Amrita Singh

As for his fracas with Rekha, he had a complete "collapse of communication". Rekha could not understand his interpretation of her character in Fitoor (which went on to become a colossal disaster), neither was she happy with her look in the film. Gattu was so obstinate that he refused to even understand her.

Gattu's broken bridge with Farhan has still not mended (Farhan didn't sign him for Rock On 2). On one hand, Pubali Chaudhuri had claimed that she was working closely with Excel producers Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan on the sequel --- but on the other hand, Gattu cried 'foul' and jumped onto the bandwagon citing copyright issues.

amrita singh and sara ali khan
gattu is a thankless man
gattu has no regard for saras launch
gattu needs 17 months to complete kedarnath while he had promised to do it in 5 months
amrita singh
gattu wants astronomical price for satellite and digital

Owing to his history and  lack of professionalism, Kedarnath had no takers until KriArj came on board to produce the film- but Gattu has conveniently thrown that out from his system and simply being thankless.

With this fallout with KriArj (T-series is on the same page as KriArj) which Gattu made public, he has bitten the hand that feeds him.

It would be best if he apologises to KriArj- and pronto. Without KriArj's funds, Kedarnath may never have gone on floors.

Let's see what happens when the dust settles down. Till then, Gattu should make fervent requests to the Almighty that the outspoken Amrita Singh should not go public against him.

without kriarj kedarnath would never have gone on floors

Image Source: Instagram/ saraalikhan/ Twitter/ Abhishek Kapoor