Dan Bilzerian Is Coming to Mumbai! Instagram Playboy to Be a Part of Sports Venture in India With Dino Morea; Are You Thrilled, or Whattt?

Team Latestly

'Instagram influencer' would be a very faint way of describing Dan Bilzerian. The daring king of social media, who doesn't shy away from anything forbidden, Dan Bilzerian is... *drumrolls, please* coming to Mumbai, India. Reports have it that he will be announcing his association with a sports-tech venture, LivePools for which he will be visiting India. The venture is said to be co-founded by Gaurav and Vickram Assomull with actor and model Dino Morea among its key investors. Well, Dan Bilzerian fans from India will surely be thrilled to hear the news.

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For the people who don't know Dan Bilzerian, first of all, what are you doing with your life? And second, we would like to give you a heads up before you start to google Dan Bilzerian. While he is extremely famous, a lot of his content is based on X-rated content. The playboy's Instagram flaunts endangered animals, deadly arms and naked girls. Most of his videos are of naked girls dancing around him and the same with the pictures. To know more about him you might want to check out hottest Dan Bilzerian pictures & videos on Instagram: the social media 'Playboy' shares his most popular posts of the last year.

In other news, Dan has broken the Internet by his latest Instagram post with Desiree Schlotz with a caption that reads: "Sometimes u gotta grab a good one and run."

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Check Pic:

The reason fans are losing their minds over this picture is that the caption seems cryptic to many. People are wondering if Bilzerian is in another serious relationship and wants to get over playboy-ing. Well, there is no confirmation but we will surely wait for his next post on Instagram *wink-wink*.