Dance professionals to take multiple tutorials to teach Hrithik Roshan’s hook step from the ‘Ghungroo Song’

hrithik roshan

Its that time of the year when a newly released song suddenly takes over the internet with millions of users wanting to replicate that song in their own unique way. The Ghungroo song which stars the dancing idol of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan is definitely one such song.

The song which has been recently launched has already created a buzz on social media websites. Dance communities across the world have stepped forward to take special tutorials /workshops to teach the hook step of this foot-tapping song. With more than five workshops in Mumbai happening this weekend itself this song is definitely becoming a dance favourite for some of the leading choreographers.

The actor who is well known for his smooth dancing mooves has left no stone unturned to encourage this kind of emerging talent as he is not only watching the videos but is also sharing some of the best ones on his social media handles.

The superstar who has recently enjoyed the success of his last release ‘Super 30’ is now being hugely applauded for his performance in the ‘Ghunroo Song’ where he is seen dancing with so much ease and comfort. The glint in his eyes shows just how content the superstar is while dancing on the silver screen.

Apart from this, Hrithik Roshan is all set to treat the audience with his action-packed role in WAR which is all set to release soon.

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