Dancing IU Is Back And With A Bang!! Here’s How Netizens Can’t Get Enough Of IU’s Celebrity Comeback, Also IU Reveals The Inspiration Behind The Album

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IU recently released the new MV Celebrity on January 27, 2021. Her acting, melodious voice, and outfits in the MV are just slaying. Fans cannot hold back their happiness for IU’s Celebrity comeback!!

Here are some reaction of fans!!



Even her MV gained 1.4 million views within three hours which is really incredible!!!

Even IU revealed the inspiration behind “Celebrity”. Although unnamed, IU revealed that the friend often drew attention for her eclectic clothing choice and tastes, varied talents and shy nature. However, others treated her as an odd person for it.

IU loved her friend even more for all these “oddities” as it made her more so herself, but the friend lived under scrutiny and hate. She wrote the lyrics based on what she wanted to tell the friend, and it blossomed soon, into a fully-fledged song.

According to IU, the song can be related to many where they might have experienced being the odd one out, at least once in their lives.

IU wanted to convey to these people that “someone who comes from the stars” (often used to describe odd people) but “are a star themselves“.

Here is the full MV down below!!