Danica Moadi : You'll see the best of me real soon, big screen or small screen

Danica Moadi: I am a legit travel freak.

We recently stumbled upon an Instagram page of Danica Moadi who is known for her parallel lead role as Shagun in ‘star-plus’ television show ‘Navya’. Apart from that we have also seen her in the ‘sab TV’ show ‘Baalveer’. And also one of the major episodes of ‘Savdhaan India’ on sony television. Later she also went and did two movies ‘Happy Husbands’ and ‘Bloody D’. She has been a part of a video album for ‘Asha Bhosle’ where she looked so pretty. And she looked like a dream girl in the video by ‘Akhil Savhdeva’ for his album ‘Nasha’ by ‘T-series’. When we came across her stunning pictures on instagram, we thought of interviewing her.

Upon asking her on what has she been upto, we learned that She has been an entrepreneur since 2012. After the show Navya, She opened her own clothing boutique. And from 2018, she has been blogging from her Instagram account. Her page is a beautiful amalgamation of travel and fashion pictures. We also see a lot of brand collaborations on her page including the international brands from United States. Well, this was obvious given her a fantabulous pictures.

When we asked her what is with all this travelling. She says “I always had a deep down passion for travelling and exploring different places just like I had for acting. I am happy that I am blessed to be able to travel the world.”

On her thoughts of getting back to acting, she says “You never know what the future holds for you and I believe, the best is yet to come for me. You might see me on screen real soon, says with a wink”

Well, we would love to see you on screen, specially after looking at your sizzling pictures, we are in fact looking forward.

We wish you all the best for all your future endeavours.