Daniel Sturridge: Former Liverpool striker 'pleased' as FA recognise charges were 'out of character'

Daniel Sturridge has said he is "pleased" with the independent regulatory commission's findings. (Credit: Getty Images)

Daniel Sturridge has said that he is ‘pleased’ nine of 11 charges for breaching betting regulations have been dismissed.

An independent regulatory commission found the former Liverpool striker had given his brother information about a potential move to Spanish club Sevilla during the January 2018 transfer window.

Sturridge, who is currently without a club, has been given a two-week suspension from football and a £75,000 fine for two of the charges, but nine others were dismissed. Sturridge will be allowed to resume his career on July 31.

Following the announcement by the Football Association, the 29-year-old said: “I am pleased that 9 of the 11 charges were dismissed and that the panel found me to be an honest and credible witness, and that my actions on one particularly difficult day were out of character."

The FA has said it will appeal the findings as well as the sanctions handed out, believing them to be too lenient.

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Daniel Sturridge has been given a two-week suspension from football and a £75,000 fine. (Credit: Getty Images)

A statement by the FA added: "The regulatory commission found proved charges 3 and 4, which alleged that, in that same transfer window, Sturridge had instructed his brother, Leon, to bet on a possible move by him (Daniel) to Sevilla.

"In issuing that instruction, the regulatory commission found that, as a matter of fact, Sturridge had provided his brother with inside information for that purpose.

"The FA respectfully disagrees with the regulatory commission's findings and will be appealing against the charges which were dismissed and the sanction which was imposed."

Sturridge’s move to Sevilla during that transfer window eventually broke down and he joined West Bromwich Albion for the remainder of the campaign.

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