Danish and Dawar: The melodious coalescence of peaceful voices

Music have a wide category, like jazz, folk, classical and religious and many more but it's a blend of hapiness, peace, joy and various emotions. One of the renowned religious music i.e. Naat is recited by Danish and Dawar.

Danish F Dar and Dawar Farooq are one of the renowned Naat reciters of India. (Na'at is poetry in praise of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad). But the fact that will leave you surprised is that they both are professionally Doctors. Danish is a Doctor and Dawar is pursuing MBBS. As they have their own YouTube channel

( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsJSLKuIV-CnKZYTZmZiEfw) with more than 2.1 Million subscribers .They are habitual of reciting Naat since 2016, they have recited one with Hasbi rabbi that was a huge success with 80 Million views on YouTube. Their Naat are worth listening because it will give relief to your mind and peace to the soul.

They wanted to have a private hospital of their own and a medical research center. Their plans are crystal clear, they want to collaborate with some renowned sufi singers for their YouTube channel so that It will make their work even much more meritorious.

Thus, their reciting creates a peaceful ambience that makes your body calm and soul relaxed. Wishing both of them Good luck for their future.