Danna Pratte On Launching Her Wellness Brand & Life As The CEO of NBPure.com

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Danna Pratte On Launching Her Wellness Brand & Life As The CEO of NBPure.com

A lot of women are taking on to the roles of CEOs and are going one step up with their jobs and careers. What does it mean to be the CEO of NBPure.com? 

I love seeing more women step into the role of CEO, I think we bring a unique and innovative perspective to leading a company. Being the CEO of Nutritional Brands means that I’m the leader and visionary for not just all of the people that work with me, but all of the people that I’m helping them to reach their wellness goals.


Tell us what your day-to-day work schedule looks like? 

Every day brings new challenges, but regardless I’m by 6 am and typically start my day with a glass of lemon juice or morning elixir and some sort of physical movement. I’ll usually catch up on emails, then head into the office or to meetings. I schedule specific days for meetings, so I have time to meet with each department, but I also keep time open for meetings out and new business development.



As the CEO, how do you plan to grow the business ahead?

I’m so excited about our growth. I love working in the wellness space because it’s the best feeling to know we’re having a positive impact on so many people. It’s important for NB Pure to continue innovating great wellness products and be forward-thinking in the way we’re communicating with our audience. So many people are looking for quality wellness products and authentic information to help them live healthier happier lives, so it’s great we’re here to help them with that.


What is your take on women empowerment? ‘Women supporting women’, what’s your opinion on that?

I love that women are feeling more empowered and bolder. It’s so important for women to support other women in every capacity, not just in the workspace. Because when you lift a woman, you aren’t just lifting her, you are lifting her family and her entire community. You can see the impact of this here in the US and all around the world.


What factors should a female entrepreneur keep in mind when it comes to pursuing new growth opportunities?

Make decisions, even if it’s a little scary. Any decision, good or not so good, is better than no decision. And stay true to your vision and business ideals. You can lean on colleagues, mentors, and experts, but only you will know the best way.


Being a female leader, how do you plan to substantiate your ideas into realities, especially keeping in mind the opinions of your male counterparts?

Having clearly defined goals is essential to bringing ideas to reality. But you have to be fluid and ready to pivot if things shift along the way. If you see a gap in the market, act on it and sometimes you just have to do it because you know it’s the right time.

I just recently launched a new wellness brand called The Candidly (www.thecandidly.com) because I saw a gap in this space of how people view and related to wellness and information about wellness.

As far as male opinions, I’ve learned to embrace their opinions as part of a collaborative effort to reach my goals. Some opinions you take with a grain of salt, and some you take and apply to your efforts. Be smart about which is which.


Decision making must be an important part of your role as the CEO. What factors do you keep in mind while taking any strong steps?

The most important factor is making sure the steps your taking aligns with the business values and goals, and it is moving you toward your goals. Also, there has to be data to support the decision, so be sure and do the research and have the data to back up the decision.


Any other details you would like to talk about NB Pure’s products, launches etc?

So many great things to talk about. Our Aerobic Life brand has a big foot in the digestive health space because of so much of overall wellness ties back to gut health. Our MagO7 digestive cleanser continues to change lives. We launched our EnzyBiotic, which is a probiotic and digestive enzyme combo, making it convenient for people to get two benefits in one product.

In 2020, we’ll be launching products for digestive health and for the beauty that are built around simplicity and simple, clean ingredients. We’re also doing product collaborations with some awesome partners, so that’ll be a lot of fun.


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