Danny Trejo to guest star in 'American Gods' S3

Los Angeles, Nov 23 (PTI) 'Machete' star Danny Trejo will feature in a guest role in the third season of the hit show 'American Gods'.

According to EW, the actor will play one of the many forms that Crispin Glover's Mr World will take in the new installments.

Mr World, leader of the New Gods, attempts to mastermind a new piece of technology capable of directing humanity's attention - and in the modern world, attention means worship.

Previously, 'Pose' star Dominique Jackson played another one of Mr World's forms.

Trejo will be joined by other guest stars --veteran 'Saturday Night Live' cast member Julia Sweeney and rapper Wale.

Based on Neil Gaiman's fantasy novel of the same name, the Starz series revolves around a war brewing between the Old Gods of ancient mythological roots and the New Gods of modern technology. PTI RDS VIS VIS