Danny Williams plagued by death threats and racist abuse since 'Love Island'

Julia Hunt
Danny Williams, one of this year's Love Island's contestants (ITV 2)

Love Island’s Danny Williams says he has been bombarded with death threats and racist abuse from online trolls since his appearance on the reality show.

The model said the daily abuse had been “absolutely the worst” and that he has had to contact the police.

Williams was a resident in the ITV2 villa earlier in the series and sparked controversy when he dumped Yewande Biala for Arabella Chi, before later moving on from her with Jourdan Riane.

He told Fubar Radio: "I've had absolutely the worst of it.

“I'm not going to sit here and complain because you sign yourself up, open to be judged, but I've had death threats, racism, people threatening to come round to my house, hurt my family, that kind of thing.

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"It's as worse as you can imagine, I've had it all and it's daily. And it's still happening today. Daily.

"It's just based off because I've upset somebody, the way I've acted has
offended somebody on the outside.”

The reality TV star said although people are entitled to their opinions “there is never an excuse for that stuff”.

He said despite the backlash he has received he refuses to feel guilty because he knows he “didn't do anything particularly bad” on the show.

Williams said the it had been particularly distressing to see how it has affected his family.

"The thing that annoys me is that my family gets upset,” he said.

“Especially when I was in the villa, they had a tough time dealing with all the abuse.

"It's more than trolls, its more than the odd comment, when it's racist and there's threats and they have to get the police involved, that is next level and it really got to that extent."

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He continued: "I'm going to bed at night and I go on my phone like everybody else does, and you see some of the people saying they're going to come and kill me or, 'You're a horrible sick f' and whatever."

"Luckily, I'm not the person to take it to heart....but people don't realise the damage they can do with just a few words on Instagram and Twitter."

Williams has stayed with Riane and said their relationship “feels really right and natural”.

"We are looking at places tomorrow to move into, in London and Essex where she lives now,” he said.