Can You Dare Watch These Scariest Horror Movies of All Time?

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The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is all set for its premiere on 4 June on Disney+ Hotstar.

But horror isn't a genre most people like. There really are two kinds of people, those who like horror and those who don't. I, for one, am a fan. Though you might find me sleeping with the lights on for a week after I watch a horror film, I am one of those who can claim to have watched every good horror film.

So if you're a fan, check out if you've ticked out all these movies.


Psycho released in 1960 and became the benchmark for horror films across the world. Slated as a psychological thriller, Bernard Herrmann's music in the film was much appreciated as it helped in creating the effect.

Alfred Hitchcock reportedly told the movie theatre owners to not allow anyone who arrived late to enter the hall after the film had already begun.

In today's times, Psycho might come across as dated but even as you watch it today, you will be able to point to the scare tactics that the film made popular.

The Exorcist: The Beginning

The Exorcist: The Beginning is based on a true story, or so they say. But I watched it recently again and felt nothing. But the first time I watched it, I was scared to death. There's a scene where a priest performs exorcism and back when I was a teenager, it was so scary for me that I watched it as my TV reflected on a wardrobe's glass pane.

No wonder The Exorcist: The Beginning was the first horror movie to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

The Shining

The Shining, whether it's the novel or the movie, are remarkable for the unexpected way in which the story gets you. You would think that a man would learn from other people's mistakes and if you want to know what happens when they don't, watch The Shining.

For those who have watched 'The Shining' already, remember those 500 pages of "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"? Rumours are, Stanley Kubrick wrote those himself.

The Ring

In horror movies, it hard to take a risk of a remake. Gore Verbinski took that and made The Ring, remake of the Japanese film Ringu. And after this film, I believe there's nothing scarier in horror movies than the ghost of a little girl in a white dress.

The director, Verbinski said, "I watched the original Ringu was on a VHS tape that was probably seven generations down. It was really poor quality, but actually that added to the mystique, especially when I realized that this was a movie about a videotape."

The Conjuring

James Wan is the best horror movie director around in the present times. For people who like watching horror films, Wan manages to create a story that offers a believable experience. He's made films like Aquaman but he's given us horror films like The Nun, Annabella, Insidious and two parts of The Conjuring. But the first part was like no other. No wonder it's one of the highest-grossing horror films.

The film was in the works for about 20 years before it finally released.

So, if you ask me, Micheal Chaves has big shoes to fill with his latest version of The Conjuring.

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