Darshan Kumaar: 'A Fan Followed Me For 2Kms To Ask When Is Aashram Season 3 Coming?’- EXCLUSIVE

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2020 was not an easy year for anyone and actor Darshan Kumaar, who debuted opposite Priyanka Chopra in the 2014 biopic Mary Kom, agrees. However, he insists that OTT has brought a new lease of life to his career, and even with a sombre 2020, it has been an eventful year professionally for him with Avrodh: The Siege Within and Aashram getting so much love.

“It was a difficult time for all of us as life suddenly stopped. All my projects got pushed, some of them haven’t even started yet. I was preparing for a role when suddenly makers said we’ll now think about it in future and it didn’t work out eventually. It was heart-breaking but then Avrodh and Aashram released and the response I got for them changed my life,” he says, adding that even if he goes out in a mask, people still recognise him wherever he goes just from his voice. “That’s the reach of OTT.”

Recalling one such incident, Darshan shares he was once coming out of a mall when a guy in a tempo started chasing him. “He was honking repeatedly and I chose to ignore it considering he might be in a hurry or something. About two kilometres ahead, he stopped right next to my car, knocking at my window. I was a bit shocked and he just asked me when is Aashram 3 coming?” he gushes, adding that when he asked that man how he recognised him, since he was wearing a mask, his reply was “from your eyes”. He was from Bihar and said that everyone in his village loved the show and was waiting for the third season. I told him that we’ll start shooting soon and then he took a U turn and left. That’s the kind of love we have been getting,” he concluded.

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