Dave Vij, Transforming Media and Entertainment

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The Hollywood Entertainment Industry is in a transformation to on-line at an accelerated rate.

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The global pandemic has brought a significant increase in subscriptions to digital streaming platforms as well as the demand for content. The Networks, Studios, and Big Tech are leveraging this opportunity by expanding globally at scale to drive greater acquisition of viewers.

According to Statista, a leader in providing market consumer data, Disney Plus now has 95M subscription streaming service members from 10M in Nov 2019, while Netflix currently has 205M. Due to content consumption and several channel outlets, industry experts believe there is still more growth to come throughout the entire entertainment value chain as soon as the world overcomes its pandemic situation.

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Fortunately, today’s internet technology has enabled Actors to continue a degree of work in these challenging and restricted times. American Actor, Dave Vij shared with us his take of where the industry is going and how he is managing through it.

“The pandemic has definitely accelerated the industry to digital platforms making it easier to distribute curated content globally. Thus, allowing actors more international opportunities. With regards to my acting, I am preparing for an Off-Broadway play, reading scripts for my next project, and working with producers on voice over productions that are being released outside the US. The industry is growing and evolving. Actors who understand this and embrace technology will benefit. Once the vaccine roll-out is complete, there will be even more opportunities for everyone.”

Software and technology have always played a pivotal role in the entertainment industry. From content consumption to distribution the business has transformed digitally over the years.

However, the pandemic has increased that pace and opened the door to greater global reach bringing us closer together.

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