David Blitz talks about building an empire as a fitness influencer

David Blitz

Fitness is something which does not give you results overnight. You have to be patient enough to reach your goal. David Blitz has been helping people reach their fitness goal with creating and building relevant content on social media for his followers. He has been raising his voice and standing for the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He has invested majorly in fitness and also has his personal investments in various sectors like food, media and beverages.

He is very keen and passionate about sharing his knowledge of fitness to everyone and he is dedicated to community redevelopment. Besides this, he has been bringing a positive change in the lives of people with whom he collaborates, be it normal residents, civic leaders or businesses. Speaking about it, David said, “I believe that being fit is the most positive thing. I want to encourage and bring a change in people through fitness with making use of social media in an effective manner. Health is something which people at times take it for granted but it makes me happy to make people aware of what’s the right kind of food to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.”

His major experience in fitness saw the birth of his fitness studio named Studio Three which he opened first in River North Chicago in 2015 and he opened the second location in Lincoln Park in 2018. Moreover, since the last two decades, David has focused his attention on lifestyle trends and parlayed them with upscale training to create a unique experience for his viewers and clients.

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