DAY DESTINY: Significance of Three

As we all know, different numbers have their unique factors, pros and cons which makes the number stand in terms of numerology. And after understanding the significance of number five last week, today’s date being 30 which brings down to number 3 is the topic of today’s column. People who are born on 3, 12, 21 or 30 of any month have a major influence of number three on their lives. The number three is considered as a divine one as it represents the three deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. It also defines trinity of the family i.e. father, mother and child.

Number three also symbolises three cycles of time, past, present and the future. Number three also represents three elements of human life, body, soul and mind. Number three is also associated with different religions and it impacts a person’s spiritual journey in different ways.

In Hinduism it denotes Trishul, Ek Onkar in Sikhism, 786 in Islam which equals to three and in Jainism the holy triangle is linked to number three.

In Numerology all alphabets denote a number and every religion talks about love and compassion. Every alphabet denotes a number in numerology, and every religion talks

about love. L=3, O = 7, V = 6, E = 5 = 21 which eventually comes to 3.

Number 3 is ruled by planet Jupiter, Guru which is placed on a high pedestal. Lord Vishnu is the ruler lord of this divine number and favourable day for people with number 3 is regarded as Thursday. People associated with the number 3 are simple and patient.

They respect their superiors/ authorities/ elders and they expect youngsters or their subordinates to follow the same. Such people are loyal and remain true to their word. They can go to any extent to safeguard their self-esteem and dignity.

People born with number 3 are hard-working and they lead a life of struggle as compared to others. Such people may appear to be strict from the outside but they are soft from within and are full of kindness. They are compassionate to those beset with difficulties and straightforward in all their dealings.

Number three people tend to be highly inclined towards religion and spirituality. Sometimes, they display an orthodox mentality and don’t easily get along with modern mentality. People associated with number 3 respect other’s opinions and they know what is best for them. Number three makes them a good advisor and others ask for their help or advice to solve problems.

Born with a big heart, they are also very generous. Such people are social butterflies and like hanging out with friends and family. They spend more time and energy on social service than in pursuit of their own betterment.

Due to their unceasing hard work and honest behaviour, they attain high positions in life.

Progress is gradual and steady in their lives. They are people who set high ideals for

themselves and live up to them. These hard-working people are generally mild-mannered

and will not hesitate to sacrifice anything for the sake of their loved ones.

People ruled by number three are intelligent by birth. Most of them have to take on family responsibilities at a very early stage. They have magnetic eyes and rich, resonant voices which help them to become good orators.