There are some days when I myself think I am overrated: Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep, often hailed as the best actor of this generation, has been an inspiration to many. Not only does she inspire with her craft but also with her ability to stand up for what she believes in and be vocal about it.

In this video, which is a compilation of her many interviews, the The Devil Wears Prada actor can be seen reflecting, admitting and sometimes even confessing. She says how she had never foreseen to be famous, how often she considers herself overrated and, contrary to what is believed, she does not have a method, or a bag of tricks.

"There are some days I myself think I am overrated," she says while receiving an award, and wistfully shares in an interview, "The fear is always there with actors. That you will never work again. That goes with the territory. You have that fear in the second job, third job, fourth job. You have it all the way down the line. So, each happy event as it's happened has been a surprise."

The actor is famed for having 32 nominations at the Golden Globe and winning eight. She also holds the record for having 21 Academy Awards nominations and winning thrice.