DDLJ: How Raj and Simran made Karwa Chauth a pan-India festival

Media inculcates cultural change in the society we live in. Parallel to this phenomenon is how Bollywood has penetrated its ideas and functioning in our day to day lives. From fashion cues, romantic gestures to latest trends, Indian cinema has provided for more than just entertainment, which also includes the tradition of Karwa Chauth.

Karwa Chauth became a pan-India affair, thanks to Aditya Chopra’s romantic family drama Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge starring Shah Rukh Khan (Raj) and Kajol (Simran). The lovers who fast for each other in the film, even though Kajol is betrothed to someone else, revived this tradition, originally carried out by women who fast for their husbands to live longer.

Films do not just come as business entities, the merchandise and ideas that they popularise among the audience, eventually becomes a part of pop culture. Such is the power of cinema that gave a boost to Karwa Chauth onscreen and off-screen as well.

Celluloids create desire among individuals which turns into demand, and further creates a market to fulfil these needs. From sporting mehendi designs to flaunting the heaviest Indian outfit, women go overboard to participate. Not just the materialistic part, the romantic gesture between the DDLJ stars led to couples finding ways to rekindle their romance through this medium as well.

This made Karwa Chauth go beyond states as it was predominantly celebrated only in North India. The tradition like any other festival reached households through artistic representation and hasn’t stopped ever since.

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