'Deadpool 3' gets 'Bob's Burgers' writer-duo to pen the script

Shubham Dasgupta
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22 Nov 2020: 'Deadpool 3' gets 'Bob's Burgers' writer-duo to pen the script

It seems like Ryan Reynolds is retaining his unparalleled sense of humor in his latest Deadpool outing.

To top it, the fans are assured to get the raw humor and unfiltered sarcasm with the film also retaining an R-rated certificate.

However, there is a fun association with another comedy series that the Deadpool star can be proud of boasting now.

Here are more details.

Sitcom fun: 'Bob's Burgers' writers joining in

Scriptwriters of popular American sitcom Bob's Burgers, Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin and Wendy Molyneux, have been roped in to recreate Wade Wilson aka Deadpool's ways as he kicks, tackles, and slashes baddies in his third venture.

However, this screenwriting team had to face competition to grab the attention of Reynolds, who handled the hiring process for writers as David Leitch, who directed Deadpool 2, is busy.

Why Molyneux sisters?: When did Reynolds announce about the film?

Reynolds has been skimming through various submissions for the third outing of the Marvel superhero over the last month and decided that the Molyneux sisters have exactly what he wants from the next film.

The star had confirmed last year during his appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan that he and his team are working on the third installment of Deadpool.

Box office: How Fox made money off Deadpool

The first two installments of Deadpool films have been box office money churners.

The first film earned a worldwide revenue of over $783 mn, while working on a budget of only $58 mn in 2016.

Its sequel in 2018 had a $110 mn budget but also peaked at over $785 mn.

Incidentally, both the films were made under the 20th Century Fox banner.

Context: Marvel's first Deadpool flick

Disney made its acquisition of 21st Century Fox official in March 2019, thereby getting rights to X-Men and the Deadpool films, which 20th Century Fox owned before Disney bought Marvel in 2009.

Thus, this is the first time when Marvel and its team are directly involved in producing the film.

We hope that Reynold's excitement about joining "the big leagues" works for Deadpool.