Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Abuses Birthday Boy Wolverine Hugh Jackman, Calls Him ‘A Piece Of Shit MF’er’ – WATCH

Is that how the superheroes wish Happy Birthday? Well, yeah, likely. Ryan Reynolds posted a ‘heartfelt’ wish for Australian actor Hugh Jackman and boy it was full of expletives and abuses. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see the full video where Deadpool can be seen singing Happy Birthday for Wolverine, albeit with a twist.

Ryan Reynolds popularly known as Deadpool to fans of the superhero universe took a jibe at Hugh Jackman, that too on his birthday. Low blow, right? Well, not quite as the wish that was full of expletives was in jest. Ryan sang Happy Birthday for Hugh Jackman calling him a “piece of shit.” Yes, you read that right. The X-Men are known to take pot shots at each other – nothing new there.

But Ryan’s impeccable timing for this one, and the passion with which he doles out the message is unmissable. Australian actor Hugh Jackman turned 51 on October 12 and the the highlight of his big day remains to be Ryan’s ‘abusive’ birthday wish for him. "I was just going to wish you happy birthday, then I saw what you saidah, in a word, hurtful," Ryan starts his wish saying this and he proceeds to sing the birthday song for his X-Men co-star.

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What follows is a barrage of abuses. Where does this come from? Well, a while back, Hugh had taken a pot shot at Ryan during a public outing. Assuming the Wolverine pose, Hugh had said, "Let's see Ryan Reynolds do that." Ha!

Replying to which, Ryan says towards the end of his birthday wish, "And I’m not even fuc**** professionally trained, Jackman, you piece of shit, MF’er."

Ryan and Hugh started this social media campaign to hilariously belittle each other after a scene in X-Men Origins, where Wolverine can be seen bashing up Deadpool caught the fancy of their fans.

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