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Amar Prem

It was immortal story of platonic love that found a parallel in no other cinema to have graced the silver screen ever. But only few know that the Rajesh Khanna-Sharmila Tagore in itself is a remake of the Bengali Nishi Padma made two years before. The remake of the Bengali movie, however, was so original in its treatment and convincing in performance that the audience by and large, most of whom are oblivious to Nishi Padma, will find it difficult to see any other face essay Pushpa and Anand Babu.

Dear Bollywood, could you please NOT remake these 10 classics?

No denying that Rajkummar Rao has established himself as a fan-favorite in recent times, but we are not sure if we are absolutely excited about him starring in the remake of the ‘70s classic comedy, Chupke Chupke. In fact, we are uncertain about the entire idea of the Hrishikesh Mukherjee directorial being remade, in which the Judgemental Hai Kya actor has confirmed to be playing the leaf role, essayed by Dharmendra in the original make.

Only a true cinema lover would know that some movies are beyond their commercial value; they are immortal works of art, and too holy to be played around with. While we dread the new age may just ruin Chupke Chupke for us, like they ruined several other offerings of old Bollywood, we also hope that no other director-producer touches these cult classics.

Do you have a favorite you would never want to see a remake of? Do let us know in the comment section below.