Dear Sandeep Reddy Vanga, please rethink Kabir Singh before giving gyaan on Hyderabad rape

Dear Sandeep Reddy Vanga,

The director of ‘Kabir Singh’, the movie that glorifies toxic masculinity, misogyny and patriarchy you’ve called for a ‘brutal sentence’ for the attackers of Hyderabad rape case.

In the tweet you also mentioned, ‘FEAR is the only factor which can change things radically in a society’, however, do you realise what else can change things radically in a society?

It is the representation of women in films. In a country like India where people are obsessed with movies and actors, it is important for filmmakers and actors to rethink their choices of scripts. In your words, ‘be responsible for their craft and consider the repercussions’. Because this sets an example for men, especially, men who look up to these fictional characters and imitate them in real life.

‘Kabir Singh’ unapologetically celebrated misogyny and toxic masculinity. It used the character’s broken heart to justify his unacceptable behaviour.

It romanticised the objectification of women, it ignored the importance of consent. Not just that, it reduced women to unthinking objects who are naïve and waiting to be protected.

The irony of the director saying ‘FEAR’, when he actually shoots it in a way that glorifies a girl being scared of her toxic dominating boyfriend!

In the tweet, you said, ‘every girl in the country needs a firm guarantee’, however here’s what we didn’t need:

• The scene where Kabir Singh kisses Preeti without her consent to mark his territory. If this wasn’t rape culture we don’t know what is!

• When he told a bunch of guys, ‘Woh meri bandi hai?’ • When he didn’t even ask her if she wanted to move in with him

• And of course, we do not want to be physically assaulted by our partners.

So before you ask Warangal police to come into action, why don’t you think twice before you say lights, camera and action?

Also have you forgotten that the dialogue from your film "Jo mera nahin ho sakta, usse kisi aur ke hone ka mauka nahin doonga," actually inspired the murder of a flight attendant by a man who was obsessed with your idea of ‘toxic love’?

In fact, in case you’ve forgotten, your movie inspired a man to commit murder. While we applaud your sudden desire for ‘brutal action’, we’d urge you to remember what message you send in the world with movies like Kabir Singh.

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