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Salman Khan

Minimum Rs. 50 crore + production.

Decoding fat paychecks of 12 biggest actors of India

It’s no secret that the gender pay gap in the film industry is staggering. Top actresses earn five-to-ten times less than their male counterparts. Akshay Kumar makes the most through films (not commercials or business ventures) while Deepika Padukone is the highest paid.

As far as male actors are concerned, mid- and low-level stars are paid by producers. Top stars like Akshay, Salman, SRK and Aamir Khan produce almost all of their projects themselves. So there’s no fixed return per film for these stars. In most cases, top stars keep the intellectual property rights (IPR) of the film.

Once they own the IPR, they own the satellite rights and the remake rights of the film. Recently, Race 3 satellite rights were sold for a whopping Rs140 crore, the highest amount earned by an Indian film for satellite rights. Then there’s a percentage of profit, or the profit-sharing formula. The actor doesn’t charge his normal market price but opts for a share of the profit. So, his remuneration depends on how well the film does at the box office.

In some cases, an actor who is also producing the film keeps the distribution rights of the film. He could choose favourable sectors in which he thinks the film is expected to do well.

So here’s looking at how much each actor charges to star in a Bollywood film.

– India Today