Deepavali 2020 Special: From Deep-Cleaning of Kitchen, Decluttering, to Cleaning Your Jewellery, 8 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Diwali Ki Safai Easy

Riddhi Jadhav
·4-min read

The festival of Diwali 2020 is barely ten days away and have your preparations for the festivities begun? One of the most significant times of the year, Diwali preparations begin with cleaning of homes. It is believed that Lord Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth pays a visit to people's homes during the auspicious days. So people begin to clean their entire homes ahead of the festival which also sees family get-togethers and Diwali parties. Diwali ki Safai is a tedious task and most people feel lazy about it. But even though you hate it, you cannot avoid it, although you can make it easy with some efficient cleaning tips and tricks. In this article, we bring you some easy ways and cleaning tips for Diwali which will make your tasks easier. November 2020 Festivals, Events and Holiday Calendar: Diwali, Chhath Puja, International Men's Day; Know All Important Dates and List of Fasts for the Month.

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8 Cleaning Tips and Tricks For Diwali Ki Safai

1. Gather All Cleaning Material:

It is easier to get to work when you have all the necessary material with you. It is also one way of preparing you for the tasks that lay ahead. Broom, long broom, soaps, floor cleaners, vinegar, baking soda, disinfectants, vacuum cleaner, rags, clean cloth.

2. Assign Tasks and Spaces:

It is better to get help from everyone which makes it easy to divide the tasks. You could assign hall to one person, bedroom to another. Or you could divide the tasks like windows, doors and corners to be cleaned by one person. Electronic devices like TV, computer, boards to be cleaned by another.

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3. Cleaning Electric Switches and Boards:

Cleaning of electrical switches can get troublesome and it has to be done in a safe manner to avoid any mishap. So take an old toothbrush and use some lemon drops to clean the dirt off. It helps to remove the dust and stains easily.

Watch Video on How to Easily Clean Electric Switches:

4. Deep Cleaning The Kitchen:

Cleaning of the kitchen takes the maximum time because of the amount of stuff in here. From your refrigerator to the utensils or the kitchen sink, it could take more than a day to clean all your kitchen. Some of the tips to remember while cleaning the kitchen would be -- baking soda is effective to clean the sink fittings, vinegar and lemon works well to remove hard stains off glasses or the floor, only lemon juice is effective to remove cooking stains off. So keep these all ready in your material gathering.

Watch Video of Cleaning Stains in Kitchen:

5. Declutter:

One of the major ways to start cleaning up is to declutter. Make space of newer items or just remove the things that have been lying around in the corner of your homes, in hope to be used some day. If you haven't used them around the year, there's little chance you'd be needing them at all. So get rid of things you do not need. You could find newer ways to use the glass vase, recycle the broken artefacts or just show them out. This Diwali 2020, Go Vocal For Local: From Eco-friendly Diyas, Homemade Faral Snacks to Handloom Clothes, Here's How to Embrace Local Produce For This Festive Season.

6. Cleaning Your Wardrobe:

Cleaning your wardrobe may not exactly fit into Diwali cleaning, but while you are at decluttering, tick this off as well. Remove all your clothes and sort them out seasonally. With winters soon kicking in, you'd need your warm clothes at easy access. Keep away your summer clothes and get out the winter clothing, try on the old ones if they fit or it is time to donate them away.

7. Cleaning Your Jewellery:

Diwali is the time when women especially would be taking out their jewellery as well. But because of being locked in, a lot of necklaces and earrings could have lost their polish. Jewellery cleaning at home is very simple and requires very basic items. You could use a ketchup or a toothpaste to clean and polish your oxidized stuff.

Watch Video of How to Clean Jewellery Effectively at Home:

8. Reorganize Your Home:

Lastly, but most importantly, it is to reorganize all the stuff that you have so painfully cleaned up. People often change their furniture places, get in some new additions for the festive season (for ex: special lights and candle stands, or flower vase etc). So once you have achieved the clean look to your home, take a day to reorganize how you want it to look. It will give you a certain pleasure at the end of it.

We hope our steps and easy videos of cleaning tips and tricks make this Diwali cleaning a smooth one for you. A clean home will only make you feel fresh for the oncoming festive season. So ahead of Happy Diwali, we wish you a Happy Safai!