Deepika Padukone Reacts To Mob Lynching Incidents In India; Why Is She Silent On Aarey Trees Fiasco?


Tonight, Deepika Padukone graced the talk show of Shekhar Gupta, Off The Cuff, and the actress reacted to mob lynching incidents that are happening in India. Recently, an FIR was lodged against nearly 50 celebrities, including Mani Ratnam and Anurag Kashyap, who had written an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi raising concern over the growing incidents of mob lynching.

Deepika On Mob Lynching Row

When Deepika was asked why she has refrained herself from taking a stand on such incident like some of her film fraternity people, she said that she is someone who likes to work and express her perspectives where she can see change. Deepika also shared that just because she's not sharing her perspective publicly, doesn't mean she lacks an opinion.

Deepika On Aarey Trees Controversy

When asked about her opinion on Aarey trees fiasco, Deepika said that trees have already been cut and the Supreme Court judgement came when there are a very few trees left at the spot. She said, "How is what I think or say going to change anything now?"

Deepika Asks 'Why Only Bollywood Celebs?'

Deepika also questioned the media persons, present during the talk show, why don't they ask for opinions on same topics and controversies from businessmen and sportsperson.

Deepika says Bollywood celebs are expected to give their opinions on everything. "Why are businessmen not asked these questions, why does someone not ask Ratan Tata what he thinks about Aarey, why are sports people not asked about #MeToo?" asks Deepika.

Deepika On Mental Health

Speaking of mental health still being a taboo in India, Deepika says, "In India, we are still at a nascent stage where our understanding of mental health is concerned. I would love to produce a movie on it having experienced it."

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