Deepika Padukone's Twitter followers soar after attending JNU protest

Bollywood star Deepika Padukone's visit to the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus, here on Tuesday, to meet protesting students didn't go down well with a section of Twitterati who called for a boycott of her upcoming film 'Chhapaak'.

Taking the trend even further, some Twitter users also initiated sharing a list of brands endorsed by the actress that also come under the anti-Deepika radar.

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Meanwhile, several Bollywood celebs and political personalities have lauded the actress for showing solidarity to the students.

On Monday, the 34-year-old actor told a news channel that she feels proud that people have come out and raised their voice without fear, in reference to the protests against the amended Citizenship Act, the National Register of Citizens and violence in JNU.

"I feel proud to see that we aren't scared to express ourselves... I think the fact that we are thinking about the country and its future.... Whatever may be our point of view, it's nice to see," Deepika told NDTV India.

"I feel proud about it that people are coming out -- be it on the streets or wherever they are -- they are raising their voice and expressing themselves as it is important. If we want to see change in life and society, it is important that a point of view be put forward," she added.

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As a counter to all the #BoycottDeepika trends on Twitter, many have started #IStandWithDeepika which has boosted a steady growth in her followers in the past week on Twitter, and even more, after the actress appeared at JNU in support for the protestors.

The rise in her followers is measured by SocialBlade - a website which tracks social media analytics.

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