Deepika praised Panga’s trailer, said- ‘Good films must do good business’

Rajendra Pal

Deepika Padukone, the number one heroine of Hindi cinema, who is creating a new fashion style every day with the promotional programs of the film Chhapak, considers the change in the audience of Hindi cinema in recent days as a big reason for the growing business of Hindi cinema. Deepika, who is playing the role of a woman suffering from acid attack in the film Chhapak, released next month, also believes that the audience is now growing in interest in female-oriented films.

Apart from just her films, she is happy to mention Panga when she talks about it. Thanking Panga for questioning, Deepika says, “I watch a lot of trailers of films with my cast and when I get time, I watch these films as an audience.” Panga’s trailer impressed me a lot. Looking at this trailer painted by Kangana Ranaut’s performance, it seems that this film will also be very good. ” 



Deepika believes and she also insists that good films should do good business and earn money, whether these films belong to her or any other artist. It is our job to convey to people the right thing. In recent times, there has been a lot of discussion about Deepika’s film Draupadi. 

Is Hrithik Roshan going to play Lord Krishna in this film? Deepika laughs at this question by mocking. She says, “This thing is very imaginary. I am also listening for the first time. Who spread this news, I do not know. All I can say is that the film Draupadi is still at the level of imagination. We have not even finalized its story or screenplay yet. Right now we are looking for a skilled director to it and take a step about we film after deciding the director’s name. “

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