Degree calculator works out how to get a 2:1

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Oh God. Oh God. Oh GOD. OH GOD. Everybody keep calm. Exam season is getting terrifyingly near and there truly hasn't been a more appropriate time to freak out, but let's try and keep our cool and not panic about the impending stress of what's to come.

Especially when The Tab have discovered GradeHub's new UK degree calculator, which will help you to calculate the lowest you can get in these exams to still scrape a 2:1, or a 2:2 or 1st depending on what you're hoping for.

The calculator works by looking specifically at your course at your university, and analysing what you need overall in each module - as well as the existing grades you already hold - and working out how many more marks you need to get a specific grade.

You can then use that as a basis to work from to see the lowest number of marks you can get for your grade boundary in each exam, which hopefully in turn takes the pressure off a little bit, right?

The website also has an averages graph, which anonymously shows the average score from other students on your course, so you know roughly where you're positioned against other students sitting your exams.

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The Guardian reported almost three in four students (73%) were awarded at least an upper second (2:1), and one in four (24%) students who gained a degree graduated with a first last year.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Find The Tab and GradeHub's UK degree calculator here.

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