Deified by Bhanu Srivastav, A Treat For Lovers of Creative Fiction

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One of the contemporary Indian-English novelists making waves across the world is Bhanu Srivastav. Among other things, his uniqueness stems from creativity with his characters, portraying realities. Like his first novel, Bhanu's understanding of young women's plight in Indian society is exceptionally depicted in his new novel, Deified. In this novel, Bhanu also draws extensively from his Engineering and Technology background, making it an excellent fiction to read.

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Deified portrays the story of a kind girl named Sanvi. She gets married to a successful Engineer and has great optimism and hope for the future. However, marriage is not what she expects. Her life is turned inside out without love, and her struggles begin.

With themes ranging from patriarchy to love, marriage, and depression, Bhanu Srivastav brilliantly exposes us to the challenges young married women face in modern Indian society and how they try to cope with them. These women have varying degrees of success in managing the patriarchal society's demands in a modern setting. Those who are unable to find a balance often become depressed. Deified is indeed a compelling modern tale.

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Sanvi is often at crossroads with her husband despite her honest efforts to make her marriage work. They have two children together. She is eventually evicted from her matrimonial home with only her youngest child in her custody. On her way to her parents, she is trapped in a mysterious house, which the author uses as a literary vehicle to deliver beautiful, imaginative work. Deified is indeed one book that should find its way to your reading list.

Deified by Bhanu Srivastav

Bhanu Srivastav's style is soft and easy to comprehend. Being a laudable songwriter, his use of songs in the book, all composed by him, makes the story more appealing and relatable to an Indian audience and all music lovers. Interestingly, these songs are recorded in diverse locations worldwide with different artists. They contain inspirational themes that provide hope and respite for women, especially with domestic challenges. The songs are available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, YouTube, JioSaavn, Gaana and other major music sites.