Delhi govt counsels health care workers to take COVID vaccine

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Representative image

New Delhi [India], January 20 (ANI): Though three days have passed since COVID vaccination began in the national capital, no government hospital has reported satisfactory response due to apprehensions related to vaccination in the minds of healthcare workers. In the wake of this, the Delhi government undertook a counselling programme for the healthcare workers to remove those apprehensions today.

The counselling programme began in Delhi State Cancer Hospital today.

One of the healthcare workers in this hospital, Vipin did not undergo vaccination due to the fears he has related to its possible effects. There are other healthcare workers who have similar fears.

Delhi government said in a press release that the cause of this prevalent fear among healthcare workers with regards to COVID vaccine is the baseless statements being made against COVID vaccines by some quarters.

The Delhi government addressed these misconceptions in the state run hospitals today.

Dr Arun Gupta who is heralding the counselling sessions said that the COVID vaccines have met the safety parameters. According to him the healthcare workers are now warming up to the idea of vaccination after the counselling sessions.

The target that had been set for vaccination at the end of three days was 26,378 but only 12,853 people got vaccinated in the last three days which is less than 50 per cent of the target, according to the Delhi government. (ANI)