Delhi man gets calls, messages asking for Sunny Leone due to Arjun Patiala scene

For Puneet Agrawal, the outlook has not been sunny since July 26. It is not because he lives in Mumbai or its distant suburbs and was caught in the recent raininduced havoc. The New Delhi resident is aggrieved that it has been raining phone calls for him since then, about a 100-125 calls a day, on an average.

The film 'Arjun Patiala' released that day and actor Sunny Leone, who has a cameo in the film, gives her phone number to the character played by Daljeet Dosanjh. Unfortunately for Agrawal, the number she gives out belongs to him. The practice is to use phone numbers which are not in use or are only used for promotions but it looks there has been a cross connection.

Viewers seem to have noted down the number in deadly earnest and have not hesitated to call, hoping they could speak to Leone. Since Friday, he says, his phone rings and callers ask, "May we speak to Sunny Leone?" At first, he was puzzled and asked one of the callers why they were asking him about her. "Then a caller sent me a clip from the film where Leone has recited my number. I actually went to see the film to check if it were true," said Agrawal.

He discovered that in the first 15 minutes of the film, a phone number is given out, which happens to be his. Initially, he thought the callers were just pulling his leg. But his phone just wouldn't stop ringing, making his life miserable. "The callers do not even bother to check whether it is day or night. It is annoying," said Agrawal. Tormented by the stream of lewd phone calls and messages for days, Puneet is now thinking of taking the makers of the film to court.

It was becoming a Dial 100 situation for him, so he filed a complaint at the Mahindra Park police station on July 28. But police are yet to act in the matter. They actually suggested that Agrawal change his phone number. But since this is the number Agrawal has been using for over a decade that is not an option, so he is now considering legal action.

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