Delhi restaurant serves a special ‘Article 370’ thali celebrating Kashmiri flavours

Ardor 2.1 is at it again! It has come up with a new thali called the 'Article 370 thali (United India Thali)'.

The famous restaurant from Connaught Place, Delhi, is known for coming up with unique and trendy thalis, and with Article 370 doing the rounds of media, evidently, it is now a part of Ardor 2.1s’ list of unique thalis.

The Article 370 thali upholds the widespread belief of food brings people closer. The restaurant plans to donate a certain amount from the thalis’ price to the Kashmir Relief Fund as a helping hand for the Kashmiris. The restaurant is also offering a discount of 370 rupees for Kashmiris.

The 'Article 370' thali by Ardor 2.1

According to the owner, the Article 370 thali is a celebration of Kashmirs’ flavours, and it comes in the variant of veg and non-veg. The veg thali has delicacies such as Kashmiri pulao, Khameer ki Roti, Khumani ki Roti, Nadru ki Shami, Dum Aloo and Kahwa. The non-veg thali includes all of the above along with the famous and authentic Kashmiri dish Rojan Gosh.

Ardor 2.1 has previously gathered applause for their out-of-the-box thalis like the ‘Modi Ji 56-inch Thali’ ‘Bahubali Pitcher’.