Delicious milk drinks you should try today

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Goodness of yogurt

The first of its kind blueberry drink is probably the yummiest milk drink available in the market. This delicious bottled smoothie is made with fresh blueberries and protein-rich Greek yogurt. This drink is all the protein boost you need after a heavy workout session. It also makes a perfect afternoon snack for your children. This drink is lactose-free so lactose intolerants can heave a sigh of relief. The best part is this drink is made from real fruit and uses no preservatives. Fresh, healthy, and delicious. This drink is for the fitness freak in you.

Goodness of real fruits

Fruits provide you with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. All this goodness in the healthiest form of delicious natural fruit sugars. These natural sugars are essential to keep you going through the day. This drink is a real fruit thrown in a blender and then poured into a bottle. With no added sugar, this drink is fruity, pulpy, and yummy. Moreover, this drink has neither preservatives nor added colors or flavors. You can drink it along with breakfast. Swap it with your afternoon tea or coffee to cut your sugar intake. Pick this drink if you want the whole fruit in a bottle.

Say yes to milk

Love chocolate but hate milk? This chocolate milk is perfect for you. You get all the goodness of the milk with the taste of chocolate. You can chill the drink and have it on hot afternoons as milkshakes. Or you can cut fruit and eat it like a smoothie bowl. Be it as an afternoon snack, or an alternative to caffeine, this drink is yummy and healthy. It is also perfect for fussy kids who just won't drink milk. With delicious chocolate flavor, your kids will look forward to the milk drinking.

Protein shake with a yummy twist

The perfect protein fix for every chocolate lover. With three times more protein than regular milk and the delightful taste of chocolate, it's the perfect healthy start to your day. It's also lactose-free. Packed with 18gm of protein, this drink makes sure you complete your daily required intake of protein. These milkshakes are low calorie and nutrient-dense. Add it to your meal or make it a meal. They also make for great pre or post-workout drinks. No need to add chalky tasting protein powder to milk. Just reach for the bottle to up your protein game.

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