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Fortified Cereal

A lot of ready to eat cereals are available now fortified with vitamin D. As far as this bowl of goodness is concerned, one needs to think out of the box & experiment with different recipes. An easy fruit & cereal parfait is a great breakfast item & is ready in a jiffy. The hung yogurt used in the recipe adds to the vitamin D content. In a mason jar or a tall sundae glass place chopped seasonal fruits of choice like kiwis, bananas, mangoes or peaches to form a layer. Sprinkle cereal on top to form a crunchy layer. Add a spoon of hung yogurt & spread it gently over the layer of cereal. Repeat the process till you fill the mason jar or the sundae glass. Enjoy this delicious parfait as a breakfast item for a healthy start. Image courtesy- Pixabay

5 delicious ways to get more vitamin D in your diet

More & more people are being diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency.  A fat soluble vitamin, deficiency of vitamin D leads to risk of developing bone abnormalities & lower immunity levels. Vitamin D has several important functions like regulating calcium absorption in the system. This vitamin also plays an important role in regulating mood & fighting depression.

Though our bodies produce vitamin D when directly exposed to sunlight, certain foods can also help us get vitamin D when included in our diets. Let look at some easy delicious ways of getting more of this “sunshine vitamin”.